Baby Teeth Cavities


Bacteria are the main cause of baby teeth cavities.

With such harsh economic times, we are all looking to save as much as possible. One of the most expensive places to visit is the dentist. Most adults take adequate care of their teeth. However, many young children often have baby teeth cavities. This can be extremely costly for no benefit since milk teeth fall off. Baby teeth cavities can be prevented and it only takes a little care and attention. So what can we as parents do to prevent baby teeth cavities?

Baby Teeth Cavities
Baby Teeth Cavities

Bacteria are the main cause of baby teeth cavities. Little children are known to be sugar junkies. This is a deadly blow for our fight against cavities. Bacteria thrive when sugar is present and the perfect place for this is in a mouth of a child who lives on junk food. Therefore as parents, we need to be aware of how much sugar we feed our children. In addition, excess sugar is unhealthy and can cause future problems for children.

With children who have just gotten their milk teeth, always clean them after each meal. This greatly reduces baby teeth cavities. If you are not breastfeeding your child this is very important. Breast milk contains chemicals that fight cavity. Formula, on the other hand, does not. Never let your child fall asleep while eating or drinking something unless you already intend on cleaning his or her teeth afterwards. Not wiping or brushing your childs teeth properly at night is one of the major causes of baby teeth cavities. Children love to brush their own teeth and you should let them get the hang of it. Most kids however, do not brush adequately enough. Therefore you should brush after them until you are satisfied with how they do it themselves.

Examine your childrens teeth daily. A problem detected early is always easier and cheaper to deal with. Teach your children how to massage their gums in order to keep them healthy and develop good habits at home. One such good habit is to make them brush their teeth at least twice a day. Three times a day would greatly hinder baby teeth cavities from forming. One other thing that you can do is watch what you give your children. Reduce the amount of junk food they get. Stop it permanently if possible. Limit the amount of candy and other sugary treats that children normally get. The lower the sugar intake the lower the risk of bacteria growth and prevention of baby teeth cavities.