Bladder Control Training


One of the best forms of bladder control training is by exercising

A large number of people the world over are faced with health problems regarding the control of their bladder. Although the old are most likely to suffer from this problem, a lot of women too have bladder problems. You may find that you can no longer control your bladder, resulting in you having to rush to the bathroom in the middle of work, several times. This could be both frustrating and cumbersome, especially if your work involves a lot of outdoor activities or you have to attend long meetings and conferences very often. What is worse is when you feel you are losing bladder control but cannot get to the bathroom in time! So how then do you deal with this problem? Allow us to help you with a few tips on bladder control training.

This problem of loss of bladder control happens when there is sudden pressure on your lower stomach and could be for several reasons.

One of the best forms of bladder control training is by exercising. The Kegel exercises works on your pelvic muscles, thereby helping you to be able to control them when you feel the urge to relieve yourself. With time, you will be able to stop this.

Bladder Control Training

Bladder Control Training

Another great bladder control training tip is to go to the bathroom at specific times during the day, every day. Make sure these times arent too close. Keep practicing this for several weeks. You will find that you would only want to go to the bathroom at these times and do not feel the urge at other times of the day.

Changing your diet could also help with bladder control training as certain kinds of food have an adverse effect on the bladder. Your dietician would be able to help you with this.

If the bladder control training is for a child, you should ask him/her to relieve himself/herself just before going to bed and at intervals during the day.

If you have tried all these bladder control training tips and nothing seems to have worked, it is best that you see a doctor. This is because the problem could be a symptom of some serious disease, and it is best not to put off a visit to the doctor. However it could also simply be a side effect of a drug. In younger children and even adults, loss of bladder control could also be due to fear or even stress. Your doctor may prescribe some medication to help you with your problem. However at the same time, you could still continue bladder control training tips.