Bone Spur Knee


Lets have a look at how you get a bone spur knee and how to get rid of it.

There are a number of medical conditions affecting the knees. Bone spur knee is one such condition which affects the well being of the knee and forces you to become less mobile. Therefore, one should take necessary precautions when first notices the conditions and should go and see a doctor if they suspect it as bone spur knee. Lets have a look at how you get a bone spur knee and how to get rid of it.

Bone spur is a kind of growth on the bones related to knee bones. The knee consists of three bones; upper leg bone, lower leg bone, and the knee cap. For different reasons, there can be bone spur formed on any of these three bones, making a lot of discomforts for you. First of all, you may notice swelling or a pain in the knee when you first get bone spur knee. This is the ideal time to go and meet a doctor, other than waiting and getting your matters worst.

Bone Spur Knee
Bone Spur Knee

There are various reasons for a bone spur knee. First of all, stressful activities to the knee can grow spur on knees. Usually the runners may develop a bone spur knee as a result of rigorous exercises and running. If their leg muscles are not strong enough to distribute the stress due to running, it is an easy and quick way of getting a bone spur knee. When spur starts rubbing against the nerves, you start noticing a pain. With the times, when bone spur knee grows, you start getting more pain then previous. This condition may continue until you supper a pain that cannot be taken by you. Therefore, the best thing for you as soon as you notice a pain in your knee is to meet your doctor .

Various medications are available for bone spur knee. First of all, you go for some over the counter medicine, essentially pain killers, in order to control the pain. This solution is just a temporary solution for you to reduce the main and it does not cure the medical condition. In addition that, there are natural remedies that can be used for subsiding the pain. The only way to permanently get rid of bone spur knee is to get consultation from a qualified medical doctor and get the spur out through a surgery. When it comes to prevention of the bone spur knee, a daily routine of exercises which supports a good exercise program works best for it. Such an exercise program should be supported by calcium supplements as well.