Diseases caused by too much Fat Consumption


Heart disease is the number one health problem when there is large deposit of fats in our body.

Too much consumption of fatty foods can result to obesity. Being obese can lead to other serious health issues that are very risky. Nevertheless, our body still requires the dietary fat that is why we still need to consume just the right amount of fats. The dietary fats play an important role in proper function of bodily function like heart rate, blood clotting and blood pressure.

The right amount of fats is beneficial to our body yet too much consumption can lead to health problems. That is why it is recommended to take low-fat diet so that only the needed amount of fat is absorbed by the body. Otherwise, if you will consume too
much fat you will suffer some common illnesses.

Heart disease is the number one health problem when there is large deposit of fats in our body. This is because the cholesterol level increased that triggers the blood pressure to escalate. When this happen there is a great possibility to suffer heart disease. Another problem that would transpire is heart failure.

Too Much Sugar

Likewise, diabetes II is another health issue that is caused by unnecessary
consumption of fatty foods. The fatty foods can contribute in resisting the insulin in the body. The insulin is important in maintaining the level of blood sugar. Also, the excess fats can harm the joints that would lead to osteoarthritis and gout. These
conditions can pose discomfort and pain that is why you should be careful in the foods you eat.

Developing other types of cancer is also related to obesity. In this sense, if you notice that you are overweight you should act immediately in losing weight. Otherwise, you might suffer breast, colon, kidney and endometrial cancer. In like manner, when the cholesterol level is elevated there is a tendency to increase the secretion of
cholesterol in the gall bladder that might damage the gall bladder.

Other illnesses caused by too much consumption of fats and obesity include fatty liver disease and sleep apnea. Many obese people experience fatty liver disease in which the liver tissue is damaged by the fats deposits. When left unattended the fats might severely damage the liver. Moreover, sleep apnea is very common to obese people. The condition is manifested by stopping of breath while sleep. This would result to waking up frequently and eventually would make a person feel sleepy at daytime. Fatigue is also possible when a person is not able to sleep well in the night.