Is Alternative Medicine Right for You?


Alternative medicine has been practiced for thousands of years by almost every society except our own Western culture

Alternative medicine is basically any kind of medicine or treatment that is not used by regular doctors or the more commonly used term, Western medicine. It can encompass acupuncture, herbal remedies, meditation, energy healing, homeopathy, biofeedback, magnetic therapy, crystal healing, and many others.

The reasons people use alternative therapies, it’s preferred term, is when Western medicine cannot cure their problem or disease or simply because the patient doesn’t want to subject their bodies to harsh chemicals or surgeries. More and more of these therapies are being accepted by Western medicine as time passes because doctors cannot deny the effects seen in many of their patients.

In some cases, alternative therapies are used simply to relieve stress. In today’s society, people are so busy doing all the things they want or have to do to have a full life, that they need something to slow them down and relax both the body and mind. These types of therapies include massage, aromatherapy, meditation, spiritual healing and yoga.

Alternative Medicine
Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine has been practiced for thousands of years by almost every society except our own Western culture, which is slowly turning more and more to these types of treatments.
The point of view behind alternative medicine is not just the absence of disease in the body, but rather the abundance of life lived with enthusiasm and that all parts of an individual’s life are in sync; mind, body and soul. This is quite different than Western medicine’s quick fix syndrome, where only your symptoms are treated.

Sometimes, just the practice of meditation, yoga or other similar types of stress relief therapies are enough to prevent an illness from occurring in the first place, because the mind, body and soul are all balanced and in sync together.

If you’ve never had any kind of alternative treatment, then you are in for a surprise. Most practitioners make the environment a calm, comfortable and relaxing one. They will speak to you first about what’s going on in your life, if applicable, and explain exactly what’s going to happen before they do anything to make sure you are at ease.

Searching for a practitioner is so much easier now that we have the world wide web available. You may want to start there first to see what kind of treatment others have used for your particular problem. Once you have found the type of treatment that sounds good to you, then move on to find a practitioner in your area. Most of these will have a website where you can view their picture, read about what they do, their pricing, where they studied and even some testimonials. The next step is to call them and make sure it’s a fit over the phone.

Note that most insurance companies will only cover a few types of alternative treatments like acupuncture, chiropractic or seeing an osteopath, and may require a referral from your doctor first. You will have to pay a co-pay with these in most cases. Call your insurance company first to find out what they cover and how much it will be. You may be surprised.

If you have a serious urgent medical condition, please see a medical doctor first to assess your situation and give you a recommendation on what should be done. Make sure you understand the risks involved before you decline their help for alternative therapies. Talk it over with your doctor and therapist first. Sometimes alternative therapies can be used in conjunction with medical treatments

Whichever you choose, be safe and have all the facts available first.