Multiple Sclerosis Bladder Control


MS Bladder Control

MS is an abbreviation for Multiple Sclerosis, which is a problem that affects the bodys nervous system and hinders movement and control. MS is caused by the damaged myelin sheaths which cover nerve fibers and help in the communication between the brain and all other body parts. MS causes a lot of ailments but the main problems of MS are the impairment of movement, reflexes and the loss of control of some parts. A severe ailment that some patients face is the inability to control their bladder. MS bladder control problems arise from the brain not being able to effectively coordinate with the sphincter muscle of the bladder.

MS Bladder Control
MS Bladder Control

The sphincter is like the outlet valve for the bladder and under normal circumstances, it is an involuntarily controlled muscle. When a person is affected by ms bladder control problems, their brain prematurely stops sending messages to the bladder while urination. This affects both the storage of urine and the emptying of the bladder. A person with ms bladder control problems is very vulnerable to urine infections because when the bladder is only emptied half-way, the urine can be infected by germs. If patients with this form of ms bladder control problem are left untreated, they are susceptible to kidney damage. This happens due to infected urine going up the ureters into the kidneys. Another common issue people with ms bladder control problems face is the inconsistency of urination.

Inconsistency occurs in terms of flow, duration between urinations and amount expelled. This can be very tedious and embarrassing because the person has to go to the restroom frequently and limit their liquid intake. But if you or someone you know has ms bladder control problems, do not worry because there are remedies for it. The simplest form of treatment is dietary regulation. Patients with ms bladder control problems have to frequent to the restroom and are susceptible to urinary infection due to the insufficient cleansing of the bladder. To counter this, patients are recommended not to take caffeine, which can usually irritate the bladder and drink cranberry juice which is effective, as well as cleansing bacteria of the walls of the bladder.

Medication can be prescribed, which help the normal accumulation of urine before the urge to urinate is felt. In some cases, patients with ms bladder control problems are catheterized so that urine can be properly drained periodically. This is usually resorted to in serious cases. But whatever the treatment is, it is imperative that no self-treatment is conducted. Persons suffering from ms bladder control problems must always consult a specialist and get advice before going ahead with any treatment.