Pregnancy And Body Changes


Female body goes through dramatic and profound changes during pregnancy.

Female body goes through dramatic and profound changes during pregnancy. The hormonal balance, mood, blood pressure, heartbeat – they all go through changes. Nature has shaped female body in a way to maximize the optimal conditions for the developing baby inside the womb, however, it is also important to maintain a healthy balance of food intake and physical activities.

Preparation for the childbirth and labor

Maintaining a shaped and physically fit body means that it would be more enforced to counter any eventual side-effects and physical stress during the childbirth and early days of motherhood. However advisable to maintain the body condition, it is absolutely necessary to consult your physician about the workout regimes and exercise routines. The doctor that knows your health and pregnancy history will be the best one to set the pros and cons about the exercise regime.

Individual regimes

Dependent on the specific body shape of an individual woman, specific workout regime can be designed for her. The doctor will be happy to provide you with advice regarding the warm-up routine, and the exercises themselves. Furthermore, he will give you advice regarding the clothes you should wear. The most common universal advice for clothes is to wear loose and breathable clothes. Moreover, wearing cotton based, multilayer clothes has multiple benefits for keeping the body free to move and clean.

Pregnancy Body Changes
Pregnancy Body Changes

Stop caring about a few extra kilograms

It is very natural for a pregnant woman, or shall we say, future mothers, to gain a few extra kilograms. There is nothing to worry about or feel depressed about it. Since it is a nature’s way to make sure the baby has the resources to grow bigger and stronger. When you notice your tummy has grown, but also has the hips, thighs, and legs, think about the baby and her well being.

Drink enough water

It is advisable for a pregnant woman to drink enough water or natural juices, in order to make sure your body is well hydrated. While practicing, a pregnant woman’s body is exposed to multiple stress points so that the sweating may be in larger quantities than usual. That is perfectly normal and healthy. The sweat takes away the metabolic toxins accumulated in the body, making sure the baby has the right conditions to grow and develop in a healthy manner.

Don’t lie on your back

The pregnancy is divided into 3 trimesters, where the first one is when the embryo is quite small. However, while entering the second trimester, things usually change. The baby starts growing faster and faster, expanding the uterus as a consequence. It is perfectly normal for the female organs to be slightly misplaced in pregnancy. However, there are simple rules that may help future mothers in avoiding any inconveniences. One of the rules is to avoid lying on the back while practicing. The main reason is that the growing baby may apply pressure on the vena cava – the big vein feeding the baby and the uterus.

Stay in motion

The main types of exercise regimes for pregnant women is designed to keep them moving while doing the light and medium hard exercises. Since many mothers to experience the swelling of the legs and lower body, it is advisable to maintain the motion regime for as much as the doctor would advise you on your specific condition. The motion makes your heart beat stronger and also your lungs to work in a bigger capacity. The better blood flow means less swelling in the legs.

Do not overexpose yourself to physical activities

It is important to notice that the pregnant body is somewhat fragile and specific in needs. The mothers to be should take care of maintaining a healthy balance of physical activities and exercises, but also they should take care not to exhaust themselves. It is perfectly acceptable to stop the exercise if you feel exhausted or tired. Moreover, it is very easy to maintain the balance of resting and workout, where a simple 15 minutes practice should follow 15 minutes of profound resting.

Avoid practicing in the extreme weather conditions

One of the hardest things for a human body is the weather changes and extremes. Any pregnant woman should avoid practicing if it is a very humid and hot day outside. The body’s natural thermoregulation ability is somewhat naturally decreased while pregnant, and that is one of the main reasons for avoiding the overheating.

Avoid extreme moves

It is strongly advised to avoid any type of extreme and hard moves of the body or extremities. The most important segment of practice is – how to get up and cool down. It is very important to end your daily exercise routine gradually, and also to get up on the floor with a series of slow and careful moves. Finally, it is advised that if you decide to practice, you should also make it a regular habit.