Stomach Pain


One of the most frequently experienced symptom amongst children as well as in adults is stomach pain

Stomach pain is a painful or uncomfortable feeling that may generate between the lower chest areas to the groin area. One of the most frequently experienced symptom amongst children as well as in adults is stomach pain. Stomach pain can be caused by minor conditions such as indigestion, stress, infections or in somewhat moderate condition like gall stones or appendicitis to more serious life threatening conditions such as peptic ulcers, a ruptured spleen or stomach cancers.

The duration of the stomach pain varies according to the ailment; simple case of indigestion or after alcohol intoxication may be quickly resolved with appropriate medication like over the counter drugs or letting it run its due course. A recurring stomach pain accompanied by other symptoms such as bleeding, vomiting, nausea, and diarrhea needs to be examined immediately for underlying conditions. If we are to diagnose the cause for such a stomach pain, it may take a lot of tests, a physical examination as well as closely analyzing ones medical history and ones family and a complete blood count which may help to identify any infections like food poisoning. A urine sample may also be useful to identify if the stomach pain is caused by a urinary tract infection. Depending on the condition and symptoms of the patient X ray, CT scan, endoscopy, MRI may be needed to identify the condition of a serious sufferer.

Stomach Pain
Stomach Pain

There are many other conditions and disorders such as gastro eso phageal reflux disease (GERD), stomach cancer, irritable bowel syndrome ,cirrhosis of the liver , to name a few that can be the underlying causes for recurrent stomach pain .It is important is to get a correct diagnosis and understand the condition earlier on. Misdiagnosis is a common occurrence due to factors of mild pain or due to its intermittent nature, therefore a thorough investigation is essential if pain is recurrent, a proper diagnosis may help you from serious complications in the long run. So it is best to be thoroughly examined with proper medical attention.

Treatment depends and varies on the seriousness of the case and any underlying disease or condition that may be causing it. Conditions can be easily cured with a proper diagnosis and early detection and treatment. A recurrent stomach pain or a the pain accompanied with other symptoms could be potentially life threatening if left untreated and ignored, therefore be sagacious enough to realize an abnormality and seek medical attention as soon as possible.